something a little ‘niiu’

No doubt that the tussle between print & electronic news is all around us here in consumer land. Usually we have some kind of either/or situation happening – struggling papers struggle for existence, on-line news and user generated content (mea culpa) seem to become ever present in our daily lives. But no matter how it shakes out, there seems to be a winner and a loser.

Hear this – some brave and ambitious souls in Berlin have taken this tussle to a new level. Subscribers can organize and customize their news easily on-line. A feed from Reuters here, sports from Fox from there, a few self-selected political blogs from Huffington Post, and voila, you have a made to order newspaper just for you. Yes, newspaper. Niiu, the upstart individualisierte Tageszeitung from Berlin will print this all up and deliver it ink & paper to your door before you’re fully caffeinated.

If your German is good, go here:

If not so much, go here:

Would you try it? How much would you spend on it? What other thoughts come to mind?


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