well, aren’t these pretty . . .

Does this even make sense to anyone? Okay, I know the YouTube, the Facebook, even Twitter, but after that . . . I’m lost in something that looks like a sheet of stickers for an elementary school class.  Our electronic Web 2.0 watershed moments seem to generate more passwords and information than any poor human brain can take. But, there have to be success stories, right? Somehow in the efforts to communicate, and communicate effectively, in this pixelated world have to pay off for someone.  So let’s take a look at some Social Media champs and see how the gurus do it –

– during the (long, long, long) campaign for President, Barack Obama followed all of his Twitter followers, in contrast Hillary Clinton didn’t get in the groove of connecting more directly with her Twitter Peeps.  For some official stats, check this.  And a little more just on Obama’s strategy here.

–  123Greetings, a free on-line e-card company, launched a Facebook App and now thank it for 10% of their sales.  For 12 more pages about this, go here.

–  Mediassociates found some of their best employees on Twitter

– 80s rock band Journey found a new lead singer in a YouTube phenomena from the Philippines. Don’t believe me? Read here.

Do you have any more leads on happy Social Media endings? What are your strategies? How do we figure out our real return on investment (ROI)?

And in the end, if you just need to hear a real bird Tweet, read this, then go power down . . .


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