Communicating in Chicago

The Religion Communication Congress is here!

Let no one accuse communicators of lack of vision because this event was a decade in the making and we won’t see another until Season 19 of American Idol.

Here’s a run down:

Hundreds of participants, from about a dozen countries and more than a handful of religious traditions, four jam-packed days with sixty or so speakers and workshops.  Can’t give you all the details here, but let’s just say Pulitzer Prizes, NY Times best sellers, PhD’s & LL.D’s, and interviews on Larry King Live are no strangers on this roster.

We’ll report more as we become experts in:

– peace & journalism – popular media & the remaking of religions – copyright law & communities of faith – communication rights & the millennium development goals –  justice journalism – communications ethics – beyond viral video – finding your marketing sweet spot –  top-notch congregational communication – kids & media in faith communities – producing quality radio programs – gender, media, and social change – faith in the second life community – the soul of photojournalism – web ministry 3.0 –

. . and you thought the Vancouver Olympics were a long time coming.


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