warm & toasty in Chicago

Our wet and jet-lagged selves are trying to figure out this blog thing face to face. With a ceiling of just under 300 feet, most of us have spent more time on runways than soakin’ up the sun-rays.

Here’s where we’re not.

Jean is really feelin’ dinner right now. Sheila’s looking forward to catching up with old friends; Erin is excited for Wednesday’s with Morrie’s (author – Mitch Albom); Erik is jazzed for Garrett’s popcorn . . . and is anyone stoked for the conference???

AH! Rebekah’s got it – she’s excited for Basilio’s *blockbuster* *brainblowing* workshop on (dig dig dig for the agenda) . . . I swear, we’re all communicators here.  . . Jean’s got it “New Media & Changing Society.”


Erin –


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