Remember how your momma said that she had to walk up hill to school both ways in (insert preferred meteorological exaggeration here) that you have it soooooo good now. Well, this is what we’ll be telling our kids about our rough lives.  Ever have BlackBerry thumb? A little inflammation and pain for the sake of changing the world one txt by txt? How about Bluetooth Ear? Yup, that one might require antibiotics.  Wii-itis? For those who have forgotten that tennis involves real people, not avatars.  And, of course, there’s the old-school cell phone elbow. That just stops blood from going where it should be going. Pins and needles will snap you out of this one.  Through in some ergonomic concerns and a healthy dose of LCD induced myopia, and you have one heck of a hazardous job.  So, don’t let anyone call you a wimp the next time you forgo touch football for texting at the next family get together.

This entry brought to you by Gadget Related Injuries from Women’s Health.


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