they say NE1 Cn Txt

Are you one of those people who mourn the death of the sentence? (full stop).  Are you the last person you know who uses polysyllabic words? Have you wondered where uppercase letters went? If so, this post is for you.

Bookmark Webopedia for an exhaustive list of txt talk or a decode a little bit of Internet Slang here. It’ll help you get through another day as a professional communicator . . . or supper with your 13 year old twins.

I’d love to leave you with a snappy example of an incomprehensible SMS, but this blog-girl doesn’t even have cable . . .

Now, good students, don’t be geezers go figure this out . . .



3 thoughts on “they say NE1 Cn Txt

  1. Yes they can, although generation(s) gap(s) may exist

    they say NE1 Cn Txt

    Reminds me of a California auto license plate

    10 S NE 1

    George in Berkeley

  2. I AM one of those who mourns the death of the sentence, not to mention correctly spelled words. I do get why the short forms are needed–for texting. But they’re turning up everywhere. OMG. The worst thing I saw was the application of someone applying for a job as an editor, who actually used text chat in the covering letter. Needless to say, we didn’t hire the person.

  3. I were a terrible speller until I got applications with spell check built in. Now all I have to worry about is grammar.

    I’m old enough to remember dictating into a kind of tape recorder which a secretary transcribed into letters . . . and maybe speeches or papers.

    At college I had to ‘blow off’ a couple of college units in my freshman year as the high schools in Hartford, CT did not allow ‘men’ to take typing.

    Those courses were reserved for women who would join the typing pools at the many major insurance companies located in Hartford.

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