the guidelines

So, the good folks I keep company with at WACC are going to start spicing up this blog, too. They asked for guidelines. I thought it’d make a good post for all our readers

– write like you’re talking to a friend

– blog only about what excites you (okay, not that Kate got kicked off Dancing with the Stars, but you catch my drift)

– fear not slang, idioms, a little disastrous grammar – it’s only a blog afterall

– keep it short. If you can’t read in the time it takes a Starbucks barista to holler your name & order, it’s a snoozefest

– a few pictures or hyperlinked examples never hurt anyone

– blog like you want to keep your job

Anything else, Communicators?



3 thoughts on “the guidelines

  1. what about lower case? no problem if everything is lower case?

    so here’s the question that’s got me bothered as president of wacc. we’re trying to recast the christian principles for this century. same principles. they work just fine. but new package.

    any ideas?

    oh. that leads to the big question. what about that word “christian” in our name? personally, i think it is a key element of our identity and what we offer to all communicators of good will. but some folks opine that it comes off as sectarian.

    what say ye?



  2. Gotta say, I’m not a big fan of lower case. Regarding your other questions, could you find a really good photo that portrays each of the principles? So they would be portrayed primarily visually (with the full text still available elsewhere)?

    And I do think Christian (note the capital letter) is part of who WACC is and needs to stay. But someone (maybe you?) recently said Christian was being used in an inclusive, rather than exclusive way. Rebekah

  3. Lesson learned. Never mess with an editor!!!!

    Great idea about the pix, Rebekah. Just a reminder that “we” need to look for those pix, not “me”! All suggestions gratefully received. . .

    And yes, I firmly believe that we can offer our Christian faith humbly and inclusively as we engage all people of good will in discerning our common task as communicators. . . Examples of what that looks like in real life are welcome.

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