well look at what I did

These guys are cheering for me. I know it.

One would think that a 20 something who’s been working in communications for 2 years, 5 months would take less pride in such an e-webcomplishment (yes, I like neologisms). But, nope. Today is a big day. I just shared something with the “Share This” widget and promptly installed it on our bloggy blog.

Do you use these things?

– Erin


2 thoughts on “well look at what I did

  1. How does the “Share This” widget work? I looked at the website but I’m still not clear. And what will it do for this blog? Dazed and confused…

  2. Dear dazed,

    (Hi Rebekah!) The “Share This Blog” widget is supposed to help you do just that, share the blog link on Facebook, Twitter and other social media places where you hang out. It also lets you “Add this” to your bookmarking services of various kinds. The implementation here on WordPress.com isn’t that great. I’d like to see it on every blog post. I’ll look into that some more. In the meantime, promote the blog!

    Warm regards, Paul

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