And the Oscar goes to . . .

This one is just in. The Pluralism Project of Harvard University wants you visual media-minded folks to set your talents and imaginations to work.  You have until August 1, 2010 to shoot via photo or video something evocative about:

* Religious practices and rituals
* Religious centers, including festivals & center openings
* Participation of religious groups in American civic life
* Interfaith encounter or social action
* Women’s leadership and participation

For complete details and instructions, saunter over here.


failure to launch . . .

Think your brand new, definitely pretty, possibly expensive website is ready to rock and roll?

Not that we don’t all love a good 404, but you might want to work through this checklist before you write home about your new baby URL.

Thanks to Rylaan for this one.

Leave a comment and share a site-launch horror story!


I was checking out some Chrome Extensions (Firefox calls them Add-ons). I got caught up in the tech-geek fun and installed virtual turtle ponds, penguin colonies, and a fishtank (c.1999 screen saver). Okay, so I proptly deleted the little dudes, but I think I’m sticking with this:

It’s the Cooliris Chrome Exension.

This is a screen shot of my image search for flamingos.  I search for flamingos ’bout once a week.

Hmmm. Remind you of something? I think Google’s having some iAngst.

I’ll keep you posted on cool extensions if you do the same. Got any good leads? How do you customize your browsers?