Community Media in Haiti

This is an excerpt from a WACC Global story. To read the full story, please click here.

Six months ago today, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti.  And the statistics continue to be, like the rubble that still dominates the city of Port-au-Prince, strewn across every article and headline: “Of the 1.5 million of Haitian displaced by the quake, only 28,000 have been re-housed , it would take three to five years to remove all the debris from Haiti if 1,000 or more tucks worked daily”.

Three of WACC’s partners, which are receiving help through WACC’s earthquake appeal – Rezo Fanm Radyo Kominote Ayisyen (Haitian Women’s Community Radio Network) REFRAKA, Sosyete Animasyon Kominikasyon Sosyal (Social Communication Animation Society) SAKS, andGroupe Medialternatif/Alterpresse – returned to the task of informing their fellow citizens using whatever means they had. In three videos shot by independent journalist and film maker Jane Regan during a recent visit to the country, these WACC partners speak about the future and their dreams for a new Haiti.

To watch one of the YouTube videos, please click here.


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