today’s deadly sin? sloth

screen shot google

I think we all can admit that the Internet is making us lazy (lazier?).  So let’s just run with this and take it one step further.  You know how taxing it can be to go to your favourite site, find their little search box, type in your query, wait & sift . . . I’m bored just typing all this.

Here’s a hint. Go to Google, type your search followed by site:  See the screen shot above for details. This helps you avail yourself of all the really helpful sorting options that Google gives you that other sites might not.  Filter out blogs, or videos, or straight up news. Set custom date ranges or just check out the last 24 hours. It’s all up to you.  Inspect the screen shot for details.

PS: Yeah, this post is a little Canadian centric (it’s favourite, not favorite and you can’t get more Canuck than, and even more Toronto centric (hey, my city was trashed. Indulge me).

What kind of cyber-sloth captivates you?


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