e-mail, E-mail, email . . .

What one is it?

AP Stylebook is getting with the times and helping our kind through the grammatical foothills of this thing we call the Electronic Age. Help them get their New Media and Social Media sections together.

You should see some of the debates happening over there . . .

PS – Canucks will want to confer the Globe and Mail Style Book


2 thoughts on “e-mail, E-mail, email . . .

  1. A belated addition: the latest version of the Microsoft Style Manual for Tech Pubs, the bible of the tech pubs world, or at least the Redmond portion thereof, now says “email,” which I believe is a change.

    New version also relents on Web requiring a cap W and accepts “website” and “webpage.”

    Now if everyone could adjust their attitudes to the ‘singular their,’ I’d be happy wordsmith. 🙂

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