hey man, that’s mine!

Oh, oh, the copyright conundrums of the digital age.  Close your eyes for a sec and think of a robot suction-flipping through millions of pages of books, digitizing the worlds words for Google Books and the like.

What’s legal? What’s fair? What’s smart?

Well, here’s some fodder for thinking about intellectual property rights from International Documentary Association.  They write:

“Documentary filmmakers today [July 25, 2010] gained access to previously “locked” DVD content for fair use in their productions under an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act granted to them by the US Copyright Office . . . The exemption allows documentarians to obtain short portions of material from DVDs, even when that material is behind encryption and other digital locks for any non-infringing use in a documentary.”

Read on, cyber friends.  What questions about copyrights do you have?


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