It’s pray-o-clock somewhere in the world.

Muslims are starting to open up new technological space in their prayer practice.  This blog author, for one, was totally impressed with prayer mats with compasses.  But reports a growing fondness for iPray and iQuran apps with Muslim technophiles. These apps are groovey to begin with – reminding you of requisite prayer times, inbuilt Mecca finding compass, help finding Halal food and directions to the nearest Muslim centre, and even groovier when you think of travelling as a religious believer whose practice depends on sunrises and sunsets, latitude and longitude.

What would your ideal religious smart phone app be? As a communicator? As a person of faith? Or what’s just your plain old favourite app of all time ever in the course of history?

Read the full article here.


One thought on “It’s pray-o-clock somewhere in the world.

  1. Interesting topic. Odyssey Networks is getting ready to launch their smart phone app channel called “Call on Faith” later this summer. It will feature videos from all of their member faith groups (including the United Church of Christ)

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