New wine in old bottles

Here’s one straight from the World Association for Christian Communication mothership:

Philip Lee, WACC Deputy Director of Programmes gave a e-shoutout to the 7th International Conference on Media, Religion, and Culture. Don’t be too bummed if you missed this 3 day feast of ideas on art & religion and the formation of an International Society for Media, Religion and Culture, because in 2012 this one is heading to Turkey!


One thought on “New wine in old bottles

  1. Media, Religion and Culture brings back memories of my teaching days at Pacific School of Religion. Media, religion and culture was Terra Incognita for most of the community of faith – sigh, still tends to be.

    Teaching resources were slim, pre-Internet days.

    Berkeley, adjacent to the university, had excellent book stores. Racks of books on film criticism, and a single shelf of the early media studies of Enzensberger, Ellul, Innis, Schiller, McLuhan.

    The NABS-WACC, (aka Council Broadcasters Fellowship) held a conference over 40 years ago at the Guild Inn outside Toronto.

    Marshall McLuhan was one of our speakers.

    Stew Hoover, a PSR grad, took to the field with an amazing career arc. I got him to his first NABS-WACC meeting by sharing my room with him, helping him get airfare from the Church of the Brethren, and figuring out food when we got to Fort Lauderdale.

    NABS helped form many of today’s religion communicators, we granted registration fee scholarships, sometimes rooms, etc. to “interns” from seminaries.


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