Aren’t paper cuts the worst?

. . . but maybe not so bad when one considers the future of these things we call ‘books’.

An article from NPR has people suggesting that books will be likened to the 8-track in less than five years.  How about interactive, free e-textbooks? A boon in book piracy? Buying a bookstore chain for a bargain bin price?

If you’re enticed and wanna know more, read the full deal here.

(Perhaps the biggest bummer is that Kindle’s don’t encourage the kind of subversive bragging that carting around a Pulitzer stickered hardbound does.)


One thought on “Aren’t paper cuts the worst?

  1. I anticipate that the paper book has sufficient cultural inertia to continue way beyond five years. There are also economic barriers. The various tablet readers look like fun (I’ve not been tempted yet) but have a cost factor beyond the means of many people.

    On the other hand, I wish my several libraries were digitized so I could hang more art on my walls. Book shelves dominate my living room at the moment.

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