Oh, don’t be coy.

Here’s a pseudo-retro shot of a teaser ad that plastered Manhattan North transit a while back.  Later revealed as a campaign for Colleges Ontario, the phake pharmaceutical ads intrigued and offended people in equal numbers.  Perhaps a bit wry and ironic, the ads also prompted criticism for its parody of psychopharmaceuticals.

Drop a comment and let us know what other teaser ads have stuck to your grey matter.  What’s the best you’ve ever seen? Is there any use for teaser campaigns in Christian communications?


One thought on “Oh, don’t be coy.

  1. Best advert I ever saw was in a Manhattan subway. It showed a large egg sitting in a nest of Goodman’s noodles. A clever passenger ‘artist’ had written on the broad white egg surface, “Help, I’m trapped inside!”


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