Dear John

Right.  So a snazzy part of being a blog author is that the likelihood of getting published is identical with the likelihood of you finding the publish button.

In the moderated non-internet world of book and magazine publishing, things are not so genteel.  Sometimes rejection is just e-silence, or a stock letter, or something a little more vivacious.

Michelle Kerns of lists 30 famous recipients of the literary equivalent of a ‘Dear John’ letter.

Stephen King? “We are not interested in science fiction which deals with negative utopias. They do not sell.”
George Orwell? “It is impossible to sell animal stories in the USA.”
Sylvia Plath? “There certainly isn’t enough genuine talent for us to take notice.”

Gone with the Wind hit the deck 38 times before a publisher bit.  Lord of the Flies was apparently “rubbish and dull.”

all right, all you authors and editors reading this post. Drop a comment. Let us commiserate about rejection letters. Do you write ’em or receive ’em?


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