Back to school!

Alright, we all know the real New Year’s day is the day after Labo(u)r Day.  Other than the box of 96 crayolas with the built in sharpener, what does a good Christian communicator need to hit the deck running?

Other than procuring some serious Post-Its, hiding your good pens, vowing to stay on top of things, and some honed psychological coping mechanisms, how does one get ready for the fall blitz?

Do you clear your schedule for a day, sit down and make a Desert Storm caliber plan of attack? From project to project? For the quarter? Consult with other communicators? Write down goals and objectives? Tack them to your bulletin board (under kid-art and photos of pets, of course)? Roll with it as it comes?

What does planning and accountability look like in your work place?  In your own work life? Keep this one rollin’ in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Back to school!

  1. I wish I could say I take time out to carefully plan the upcoming quarter. I actually have a task that comes up every day in my Outlook about doing some forward planning. But I just keep ignoring it, cause the daily reality keeps flooding in. Best I can do is create and follow schedules for the things I know about, look ahead for the next week or two at what’s coming, and use the task tool in Outloook (apparently not too effectively).

  2. ha! That’s awesome that you keep ignoring it. I usually snap and mow through all the post-its and clean out my FOUR inboxes (Gmail for misc stuff, work, personal, and Facebook) every once in a while, but I can never be consistent about anything . . . sigh.

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