Provocative or evocative?

– Technology is one of the major places today where religion happens. Technology is the shape of religion, the shape of the cyborg’s engagement with God. –

Philip Hefner, Technology and Human Becoming


One thought on “Provocative or evocative?

  1. I think this is how it should be – the church should still be where the people are. The medieval church got it, building its cathedrals in the center of the marketplace…yet the Christian denominations seem to drag their feet when it comes to new technology…rarely if ever first adopters of technology (except perhaps in the case of the Gutenberg press..but come on, that was a while ago…)

    Why? Is it fear? Is it a steep learning curve?

    What happened to Jesus’s command to his disciples to “take nothing with you” when you go out in His name? This was to maximize flexiblity in mission. If the Christian denominations keep holding onto the old way of doing things, and NOT embracing the new technology, we not only become out of touch, we aren’t being the disciples Jesus called us to be.


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