83 days

That’s how many days you have left to consider what you can do to fight HIV/AIDS stigma in honour of more than 20 years of World AIDS Days on December 1, 2010.

Check out what the World Association for Christian Communication is doing to extinguish HIV & AIDS stigma through its programming and resources. There is quite the trove of resources here and information on current programmes, which includes a project in Rwanda on the role of church workers in the promotion of human rights for people living with HIV and AIDS, and another one in Egypt that finds personal HIV testimonies playing in Africa’s only underground metro system .

Would you be brave enough to wear this?

Photo of Annie Lennox snagged from Flixster. Read the whole story here.


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One thought on “83 days

  1. OK, that got my attention! Like many other fans, I clicked on the link, fearful that this super singer was sick…but she is not, just continuing her campaign to raise awareness of the stigma around AIDS/HIV. If only we had that immediate heart surge for all people suffering with AIDS.HIV.

    Annie, your t-shirt worked on this fan!


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