pure genius

How often do you a see a logo that is pure communications brilliance? One that works on more than one level, is evocative but doesn’t take too much work to understand? Well, take a look at this one from a Japanese tourist campaign (roughly means Japan Welcomes You!):

The paintbrush font alludes to traditional Japanese arts (i.e., calligraphy).  In contrast the exclamation points to a certain modern sensibility, an informality and friendliness. The red & black are also classically symbolic Japanese colours. The red against the white field echoes the national flag. The typographic cleverness extends, of course, into using the shape of the Japanese islands as the letter ‘J’ itself.  It’s placement among letters in the graphic gives it a more geographical feel than just using the shape of the ‘J’ as a pen-work initial or drop cap.

What logos have you looked at and thought, “Man, I wish I came up with that!”


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