nine eleven

There’s lots that has been said, is being said, and will be said about all things related to Islamaphobia, Islam in the west, the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’, the wannabe Qu’ran burner in Florida, and 9/11.  So we’ll leave this post without throwing any new words on the heap (just yet) and ask you to listen to this snippet below.  It will change the way you Google. Guaranteed.

Nora Young of CBC’s Spark speaks with Kelly McBride about the misnomer ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ and what it means for online journalism.


2 thoughts on “nine eleven

    • Jean – that’s a really interesting thought! I had never considered it that way . . . even the concept of national grief is very fascinating. Gosh, your comment sounds like it could make a great longer reflection for a print magazine or something. Thanks for sharing!

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