New Media, Old Message…Or Not?

So, does the medium change the message when it come to stereotyping coverage of women and men and gender bias in the news? Do “citizen journalists” do a better job of getting it right than the legacy media outlets? Find out by taking our Global Media Monitoring Project Question of the Day…watch for the full findings of GMMP 2010 when the final report is released 29 September 2010 at (and find out the answer to today’s question by checking the comment box following the poll results…)


One thought on “New Media, Old Message…Or Not?

  1. The answer is false. GMMP 2010 has found the medium doesn’t make the message different – gender bias is still to be found in the new media. Find out more when the final report of GMMP 2010 is released 29 September 2010. For more GMMP 2010 information, please go

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