All hallowed?

Happy Halloween, oh Communicating Ones!
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Aspirational Tech

Talk about putting the proverbial horse before the cart. This blogging girl just received an apple green iPod shuffle. Bought in anticipation of a running career ending in a half marathon in May ’11. If I’ve got the tunes, the legs will follow, right? Right?

Hmph. What communications devices have you bought in anticipation of a better you?

You may want to load up a Spark podcast where host Nora Young reflects on aspirational technology purchases.

Digg your own grave?

With the roaring onslaught of social media tools & buttons & success stories and told and untold millions, the sweet little Digg is, as Newsweek puts it, a cautionary tale.

The problemo? The clever, basic, interactive news-ranking site has an audience, not consumers. We web denizens area a fickle bunch and have moved on to the yet undefined terrains of a Web 3.0 world . . . and programmers and computer geeks aren’t usually the best barometers of Wall Street success.

So read the whole story here and then feel better if your own social media experiments don’t pan out so well.

Courage Under Fire

A Giant Buddha in JapanWith the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo another spotlight was shone into China – the country who holds about 1 in 7 of the world’s population in its boundaries – this month. With 55 recognized minorities, 292 living languages, 9.6 million square kilometers, 1.4ish billion people, and a GDP followed by twelve zeroes, China is one heck of a wild place! Throw in the deep history of dynasties, single-party politics, the world’s second largest economy, and globally unique cultures, and one could spend a fascinating lifetime looking toward China’s horizons.

Since this is a blog though, let’s pare this back. This week the International Women’s Media Foundation awarded the 2010 Courage in Journalism to Beijing-based Tibetan writer and blogger Tsering Woeser. The award was in “recognition of her efforts to report on human rights abuses in Tibet.”  Read an article about it here!

You do the Beastie Boys proud, girl!

(If you don’t get that . . . click here. If you do get that . . . I’m hilarious)