Now isn’t that a good price to get your message to thousands of people of your choosing? That’s about the price of a can of spray paint. For those who like a pristine criminal record, chalk runs even cheaper.

Are there any particularly noteworthy graffiti messages glued to your grey matter?


One thought on “$3.99

  1. I was studying in Rome back in the 1990’s, and I was walking one day back home to my student digs in Trastevere, and this was what was spraypainted on the wall: “Opus Dei – Mafia Eccleasia”.

    Anyone who saw the film The DaVinci Code (or read the book) knows who Opus Dei is. As for the “church mafia” statement – well, there are many who would agree with that statement, and many who might not, but it was pretty shocking to see that on the wall, considering where that wall was.

    That is the piece of graffiti that has stayed with me over the years….

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