signs of the times

If you heard language barrier what would you think? Jostling about a hotel bill in Roma? Figuring out buckets of fish in Chinatown? Deciphering a Hungarian map? Landing on a Russian website? Making friends with a new next-door neighbour?

Well, well . . . does it ever come to mind that language barriers emerge from difference in ability? The obscure location of braille plaques in government buildings often elicits a wry laugh from this blog author. I’m sure even the keenest of eyes miss most of those. And, of course, what about all the good folks out there who are deaf? Those who communicate primarily through sign language?

Fair blog readers, do any of you have experience with these kinds of language barriers? What are you thinking about right now?

Read this article from Mandate magazine all about the rise of deaf congregations in Canada. It’s really cool stuff!


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