Just In Time…Justin.tv

5 October 2010: OK, so it is about 5 minutes before WACC’s new General Secretary, Rev. Karin Achtelsteller, is installed at a ceremony in Toronto…and suddenly the streaming video option goes down. What to do?

I turned to a very cool free streaming video option you might want to use, too  – Justin.tv. Went to the website, signed up, and pointed my netbook’s webcam at the podium and we were streaming online just 5 minutes from typing in the site’s URL.

OK, I won’t be getting an Oscar for my camera- er, netbook – filming, but that is not what it is about: we streamed this event live for free around the world, then used the provided embed link to tweet and now blog the footage around. Sometime, it really is nice to have the access to cool options such as justin,tv.

Take a look at  the footage shot by my camera, formerly known as my netbook, and the installation of WACC General Secretary Rev. Achtelsteller.


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