toxic tech

If you’re reading this, then you’re implicated. If someone else is reading this to you, you might be safe for now but still an accessory to the crime.

So we all know that biffing a dead laptop in the trash is not such a great idea. And that the cheap labour used to screw the sucker together in the first place is likely not a shining example of human rights. But, oh, to dump something else onto our love of tech gadgets.

Idea Couture writes about the concept of blood PCs. Much like their shiny gemstone counter parts, blood PCs relying on raw materials procured through rapacious mining practices, with profits potentially “financing armed conflict” in Western Africa, bring to the surface the deep-ethics of our tech obsessions.

Do you know anything about the traceability of computer parts? Or how to dispose of them in a way that lets us sleep at night?


One thought on “toxic tech

  1. If you’re in the Toronto area, reBOOT is a great option. They will take your old tech items for a small fee, then refurbish them for good causes (like computer labs in senior centres). If your tech items are too ancient, they will recycle the parts themselves.

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