sit back and enjoy your flight

Here’s an upsetting exercise: close your eyes and imagine your last trip through an airport. I know, stressful. Now think of it as a communicator. What kinds of communications did you initiate? What messages did you actively or passively receive? Given the paramount status of security in the aviation industry it is no surprise that travelers are inundated with all kinds of safety-related messages. Unattended bags will be removed and destroyed. Secure your oxygen mask before helping others. 100 mLs in a Ziplock, please. Current threat level is orange. Your nail clippers are going in the trash. What is the nature of your visit to the United States? Boarding pass, please.

Ye frequent flyers, what do you think of the beast that is airport communications? Is it effective? What kind of impact does it have on you? What do you think of the accessibility of travel communications?


One thought on “sit back and enjoy your flight

  1. Hey, Erin –

    Having just returned home from 21 days on the road straight, I have been hearing a lot of the airport communication you speak of…and frankly, having never thought about it until now, I now realize that it is basically “white noise” to me – I tune it out. Even when I pay attention to the flight attendant as she goes through the safety blah-blah before a flight takes off, I “look” attentive (since I feel bad that they have to do the same speech before every flight and few pay attention to it ), I am actually zoned out, knowing it is the same ol, same ol.

    I think the only time I wake up to the airport “white noise” is when it is presented in a new and novel way – e.g Delta’s safety video (it is shot from an interesting angle, the presenter is appealing and fun, and I love watching the male attendant smile and a little star blings beside his smile). I apparently am not the only one paying attention to that video – an Internet search tells that the female attendant is being dubbed “Deltalina” because of her resemblance to Angelina Jolie, and has already gotten over a million hits on YouTube –

    Apparently, CNN says 69% of travellers don’t watch the instruction video because it is boring or they have seen it all before. So other airlines than Delta are seeking ways to make those dull videos interesting so folks will pay attentions – look at a few at

    So, at least for this traveller, be novel to reach me, or otherwise I will stay in my bubble of isolation as I go through yet another security check.


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