Social Media for Social Good: Part 2

So, yesterday, I blogged about, which is a United Methodist Church campaign that seeks only 10,000 clicks on their website each day from 10/10/10 to 10/20/10, so that $100,000 will be given to 10 worthwhile projects in 10 days (they have donors who will give $1 per click). All part of a discussion on the use of social media for social good.

And it is not just churches doing this sort of stuff. Corporate entities are also using social media for their “corporate citizen” efforts.

For example, game developer Zynga and its charity arm, used its virtual farm game, FarmVille, to enable millions of online “famers”/players to click and donate virtual “school supplies” , donations  matched by real cash by the game developer (some purchased special “seeds”, with 50% of seed sales going to Haiti, as well)  In the end, Zynga  has donated over $1 million to building a new school, Ecole de Choix,  in Mirabalais, Haiti. This brings to a total of $3 million donated to Haiti by Zynga since October 2009.

What other corp. entities do you know that are doing great social service via social media?


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