What’s your favo(u)rite documentary?


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  1. Probably the one that has impacted me the most recently is “Food Inc.” Wow, I’ll never look at chickens the same way.

  2. Wow – tough but interesting question. Erik, my husband, and I love watching documentaries, so which one to choose?

    Your question led me to check our Netflix account history, to see just how many docs we watched over the years. It only goes back as far as 2007 (I think we signed up in 2005) but we apparently have screened 136 documentaries via Netflix! That was interesting for me to learn…

    I digress: back to the question at hand – there are so many documentaries I like for many reasons, so I guess the most recent one that impressed will be the one I select. Therefore, Guggenheim’s “Waiting For Superman,” which documents the deplorable state of US inner city schools, and follows 4 young people dreaming of winning a lottery to enter the few charter schools that give a decent education to (not enough) inner city children. I think this doc is just being released to the theatres this fall – see it if you can.

    For Erik, he will throw his vote behind “Between The Folds: Exploring Orgami” which looks at how both scientists, mathematicians and artists are taking this ancient art of paper folding to both visualize advanced mathematical models and create amazing art. You will be astonished by what can be created by folding paper…

  3. Hey, Jean, I caught the tail end of “God in America” last night – it was great! I will be watching again tonight (if on)….

    And ditto to liking ” Food, Inc.”, Rebekah…if you haven’t read Michael Pollan’s ” The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, do – it informed the making of “Food, Inc.” and goes into even more scary depth about our food system in North America.

  4. Jean! I caught a bit of God in America because of your endorsement. There was a part that said something about the Southern states leaving the union and I – very sincerely, and honestly – wondered ‘how did anyone know?’ Seriously? No phones, internet, tv, . . . disconnected towns . . . spread out populations. I’m going to have to look into communications in the mid 19th c. and figure this out.

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