The Lazarus Effect

whoa. I had the two second thought of holding off ’til World AIDS Day to post this, but it’s so great I had to spill the electronic beans. I’m no filmophile, but I think it’s cool because it’s not cloying or purposefully guilt inducing. Just a simple story, with a clear focus, and one of the cutest 11 year old girls you’ll ever see. She’s awesome.

Check this 30 min doc from Spike Jonze, HBO, and (RED) on the role of anti-retroviral drugs in fighting back against the proliferation of HIV/AIDS in Africa. If you’re in a reading mood, follow this link to the World Association for Christian Communication page on HIV and AIDS,  Communication & Stigma.


2 thoughts on “The Lazarus Effect

  1. I second that “whoa” – thanks for bringing this excellent documentary to my attention! The film’s recording of the transformation of the individuals who are put on ARV drugs is striking – “The Lazarus Effect” is a perfect title for the film: these people profiled clearly move from the world of the dead back into their lives thanks to free ARVs.

    I was also encouraged to see people reclaiming their dignity, by fighting against the stigma of HIV/AIDS, and brave women working through their grief by helping others learn how to get themselves and their children well.

    ..and it only costs 40 cents a day a person to bring people back to life from HIV/AIDS with anti-retroviral drugs. Wow.

    A powerful film – thanks for sharing…I will be passing this link on to friends.


  2. Sheila! I’m glad you liked it. I was impressed with it on a few levels, too. I thought the little girl who just wanted to go back to school so she could get hit by a ball and do homework was so cute. She just had such a sober streak about her that was totally endearing. This film made me think about my own lack of bravery in fighting stigma of any kind.

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