evil, unlawful, and treacherous

. . . or so dictionary.com’s definition of conspiracy goes. Two of the loudest, increasingly mainstream conspiracy theories are about AIDS & 9/11. The movements are interesting. They are an amalgam of passionate truth seeking, distrust, research, opinion, and narrative.

How do you think communications – especially tv, internet, and print – contributed in the rise of these conspiracy theories? Their propagation? What room do these truth movements have in global discourse about 9/11 and AIDS? Have you ever written a corrective article on either of these subjects? It’s so fascinating that on online documentary sites there are independent categories for both 9/11 documentaries and conspiracy theories.

Google it all.


One thought on “evil, unlawful, and treacherous

  1. In the “world” of conspiracy theories, the Internet is a mixed thing. It can ‘promote’ wide distribution of truly wacky conspiracy rumors – – – and it can provide for quick fact checking.

    George in Berkeley

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