Never work with kids or animals.

The environmental crisis, which includes the acidification of oceans, extinction of named and yet unnamed species,  extensive logging in old-growth and rain forests, and so on, has the ultimate spokespersons – cute, fluffy, adorable animals. Though perhaps those species that exist on the precipice between life and history aren’t so cute (bugs and sea crawlies and the like), the rumbling polar bear, the ubiquitous mannerisms of a Bengal tiger that mimic that of your beloved housecat, and the seemingly timid and adorable panda all up the ante when it comes to social justice and communication.

There’s something inimitable about the potency of a human-child’s face or the innocence of a cute animal’s visage to convey a sense of urgency within the scope of a crisis warranting attention. What are some good examples of the use of children and animals in social justice or Christian based communication circles? Have you examples that you think cross a line? What does your editorial brain say about these kind of images?


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