Are you feeling brave, soldiers?

I just installed RescueTime. I’m scared, very scared.

Take a look: I dare you.


All I want for Christmas . . .

is for you to join us on Thursday, December 16 at 1pm EST for a bumpin’ online discussion and presentation with Ethan Zuckerman of The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.

Ethan will take us through a conversation about how we consume news online and how we are often ‘imaginary cosmopolitans’.  Definitely read more below, he’s a really cool guy and his work surely is of interest to anyone reading this blog.

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“Imaginary Cosmopolitans”?: A Discussion of Online News Consumption with Ethan Zuckerman
Join us for a Webinar on December 16
Are we ‘imaginary cosmopolitans’? When it comes to our media consumption online, are we shrewd and diverse consumers of  international news in cyberspace or are we “online colonists”, entrenched in dominant patterns of  Web apps use leading to a restricted view of the world? 

These are questions posed by Ethan Zuckerman, Senior Researcher at The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, and the presenter at WACC North America’s next webinar on December 16, 2010 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

This is the second in a series of webinars presented by WACC North America on topics and issues in communications.

Zuckerman’s reflections on our use of technology led to questions on how much we all delude ourselves about the diversity of information consumed on-line. His research into use of web-based tools and apps for news gathering began with a study of his own cyber consumption, and has expanded from there into research into consumption of online news that is driving his current research.

This online seminar is free but registration is required to reserve your space at the webinar.

Since 2009, Zukerman’s work at The Beckman Center has focused  on the impact of technology and media on the developing world and on quantitative analysis of media. With Hal Roberts, he is working on comparative studies of tools for censorship circumvention, techniques for blocking-resistant publishing for human rights sites and on the Media Cloud framework for quantitative study of digital media. Zukerman co-founded Global Voices, a global citizen media network that maintains an international citizen media newsroom, tracks censorship and advocates for freedom of speech online.

(exerpt from his full biography that can be found at

Title: “Imaginary Cosmopolitans”?: A Discussion of Online News Consumption with Ethan Zuckerman
Date: Thursday, December 16, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST
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Space is limited.
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Nice folks really do finish last.

According to Statistical Cybermetrics, a UK research group, we denizens of the web are “overwhelmingly attracted” to the negative. Negative status updates, comments, threads, and so on all gain heat as things get nasty.

Read more about how mean the masses can be online . . . even to the point of forcing the demise of a small, rural cooking magazine.

Dust off your Crystal Ball.

What does Web 3.0 mean? Anyone have thoughts on what it will look like? Microsoft just co-opted the word ‘cloud’ (as in cloud computing) in their latest adverts hawking Windows 7. Is Web 3.0 going to be all about ‘the cloud’? What is the software as a service (SaaS) war between Microsoft, Apple, and Google going to look like?

I don’t have an app for that.


Last night this blog author was groovin’ on the subway because nothing makes a commute go a little faster than some mash-up techno. My little myopic eye spied no less than 10 other like minded folks, all snuggled into their own world by cheap plastic earbuds.

This reminded me of an awesome TED talk by Julian Treasure on the effects of noise in our lives. It can kill you. You may want to keep that in your pocket as an excuse for . . . seriously. It’s less than ten minutes, watch it!

The Micro & The Macro

Don’t go to because you will become hopelessly mired in fascinating web stats.  Addictive.

So I’ll bait you with this:

Of particular interest is the staying power of long-form blogging (i.e., blogs like this one!). Blogger – a Google product – is the 8th most visited website in the world. Twitter? Only 11th. Here’s where it gets a little scarier: Yesterday Blogger received visits from over 12% of global web users. A three month trend on Twitter? A touch over 8% of global web users visit the micro-blogging service each day.

Isn’t that unreal?