extreme brand makeover

This is the original Apple Computers logo.  Yes, that Apple. The cult of cool Apple, the iPad Apple, the crisp, bright, streamlined Apple.

Take a flip through this article on MSN (images on this post are taken from there) to see more impressive and not-so-impressive logo makeovers. Have you ever been involved in visual identity rebranding of any sort? Tell us about it in a comment below!

If you have no thoughts on logo redesign, just tell me how long it took you to figure out that there was a mermaid in the Starbucks logo.


And the Oscar goes to . . .

That most meaningful time of year is upon us! Yup, Hollywood awards season. Beyond the $250k loaner gemstones and celebrities fawning over other celebrities, there are lots of juicy communication stories to be had especially in the films on this year’s roster.

So, who’s seen The King’s Speech? In this little bit of Oscar bait we see a dapper royal struggling with the most primitive and universal communications tools – his own stutter-peppered voice. The magical internet tells me that about 1% of the American population struggles with stuttering or stammering, with the ratio of men to women afflicted being 4:1.  Research, both strictly scientific and anecdotal, suggests that stuttering can be an enormous barrier to feeling comfortable and happy in the workplace.

here are a few tips from the pros:

– don’t finish words or sentences for people who stutter
– patience and patience
– each person trips over different sounds or letters and tend to choose words to get around these trouble spots
– avoid the urge to tell people to relax, breathe, or slowdown
– trust that the stutterer is the person most familiar with their condition

If you’ve got any first hand experience with stuttering, drop a comment below. What can happen in the workplace to help stutterers feel at ease?

Let’s just get it all out in the open.

It’s been a long week, so let’s end with some confession time to clear the slate before the weekend. Drop a comment about your favourite communications pet peeve. We wanna know. Better yet? List your own offenses.

A fast phone number at the end of a three minute voicemail? Spam? Call waiting? Forwards?  Over-explaining? Speech crutches? Corporate jargon? Bad grammar? ALL CAPS? no caps?

The medium is the message.

There are fewer finer mergers between art & communication than that found in a Torah scroll.  It takes years of training to master the hundreds of nuances embedded in the calligraphy used to ink out the Hebrew words of the Torah on one long scroll. This is a job traditionally reserved for men, but Avielah Barclay is a rare female Orthodox scribe whose faithful love of scripture and extraordinary talent for language and calligraphy have led her to this highly specialized vocation.

Read the full BBC article here and learn a little bit about some of the earliest religious communicators – Torah scribes!


hey, if you haven’t been over to the World Association for Christian Communication homepage in a while, that’s today’s mission!

Read what our extraordinarily clever General Secretary, The Rev. Karin Achtelstetter, is saying about peace journalism. . .

Discover ongoing media coverage in Haiti . . .

And if you are not a member of WACC, click here to find out why you should be . . .

At least change your ringtone . . .

“A recent poll by Harris Interactive on behalf of PC Tools found that about one in ten men think they shouldn’t have to switch off their mobile devices during weddings.

Their own weddings.”

Maybe if someone is important enough to interrupt your wedding, you should have invited them? Thanks to Terry for the link to National Geographic Traveler article from which this quotation was drawn.