So, we all know how stressful accidental Earth Hour’s can be. Goodness, the power went out at my place yesterday for about 2 hours and the only thing I could think to do is nap. Clearly we’re addicted to that which draws electricity. Not that there’s (much?) anything wrong with that.

Get this – the International Center for Media (University of Maryland) got 1000 university students in 10 countries all over the world to unplug. The results weren’t pretty.  The news article I read said that:

“Many students also reported mental and physical symptoms of distress and “employed the rhetoric of addiction, dependency and depression,” when reporting their experiences of trying to go unplugged for a full day.  Students talked about how scary it was, how addicted they were,” said Susan Moeller, the professor of media who led the project. They expected the frustration. But they didn’t expect to have the psychological effects, to be lonely, to be panicked, the anxiety, literally heart palpitations.”

Are you laughing or identifying?


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