Grammar Girl

So what’s the difference between the Web/the web/the Internet/the internet?

Grammar Girl is going to get us through this one.  The Internet is generally thought of (at least by language experts who think about these things) as one big network that everyone visits. Therefore it should be capitalized. The Web is that snazzy collection of pages that most of us take to be synonymous with the Internet. It, too, seems to be a single locale and therefore should be capitalized. However, a number of style guides are recommending ‘web’ as the official spelling, which is streamlined with other related nouns (e.g., website, webinar, webmaster, and so on).

I think the uppercase “I” looks pretty serious on Internet and hope that we migrate to internet. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Grammar Girl

  1. I LOVE any conversation about grammar. When it comes to capitalization, I’m generally a lower-case kind of gal. Caps slow a reader down and are often over used. Having said that, I’ve been capitalizing both Web and Internet.

    I just checked The Chicago Manual of Style, a pretty authoritative source for the publishing world. They cap Internet. And I buy the argument that Internet should be capped because it’s one thing. They also lower case web. Not sure I buy that.

  2. I also find this conversation really interesting! I’m in the middle of updating our web style guide and I was wondering what to do about Internet versus internet. I have always capped Internet, but I’m giving that a second thought. Grammar Girl says that it’s “one specific place,” but it’s a unique, interactive, virtual place that also functions as a tool.

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