4 out of 5 ain’t that bad . . . or is it?

About 80% of Canadians have internet at home. That means 20% of us are spending our nights not on Farmville, Craigslist, streaming online documentaries, or learning world history on Wikipedia. And it’s usually the poorest Canadians who are going without. CBC explores why this is so and what can change this state of affairs. Read more here.


Film fest?

This post was authored on a day perfect for movies – a little grey, a little rainy, a little lazy not quite summer weekend day. Do you know that there are more than fifty (50!)  annual film fests in Toronto? Crazy, eh? You can find the whole list here. But before you leave to find your new favourite Jewish, Urban, Environmental, or Documentary film, drop a comment to share some of your all time favourite movies and why.

4 out of 5 starz

Okay, I know there are a few grammar fiends among this blog’s audience. But did you know that your slavish love of proper punctuation, spelling, and well placed parts of speech is not just a matter of taste? That all these things that you hold so dear actually shape how people feel about products and services, and weigh heavily in how people perceive on-line reviews.

An article on Slate says that “well-written reviews help sell products, even when the write-ups are negative.” Yes. Read that again. Even if the reviews are negative, good grammar, style, and punctuation sells.

This, then, begs some serious questions about ethics. Some companies are editing user reviews – fixing all those troublesome lower case letters and other crimes against proper English. Does this amount to smart business? Psychological manipulation? Is it fair game? Or time to yelp about these tactics?

what do u think???

All the world’s a stage.

What do you think about staging press photos? The White House has recently ended the practice of giving photographers a go at a few minutes of re-enactment, which was the habit of the government dating back at least to at least President Truman. So what’s going on? Lots of photographers whirring away can distract those delivering an historic speech. Narrowing the pool to a select few photographers limits the creative reaches available to news editors. Staged photos are passed off with the false implication that they’re from the real event.

Read up at The Huffington Post and at the Poynter Institute and then come back and share your opinions on this. What do you think about this? What else is going on?

Want to be successful? Be kind to yourself.

Okay, so that headline on MSN suckered me in. Sounds a little more romantic than any of the other traditional advice for making it in this tough world. You mean a bubble bath NOT 16 hour days is the ticket? Time for meditation instead of millions of emails? huh. What’s this really about?

So I read the article – turns out that in our quest for self-esteem a lot of us over look self-compassion which ” may be the most important life skill, imparting resilience, courage, energy and creativity.”  If taken seriously, practising and cultivating self-compassion can reduce stress levels, give us a more realistic sense of ourselves, and give rise to individuals who are more resilient in the face of every day and not so every day challenges.

Check it out! And let us know what you think.

Terms & Conditions

So how often in a week online do you click “I agree” or “Accept”? And how often do you read the legalese that goes with these actions?

Here’s a decent article on CNN where two entertainment lawyers actually dig deep into iTunes 50-odd page contract and gives us a heads up about what’s really going on when you download Lady Gaga’s latest.