Want to be successful? Be kind to yourself.

Okay, so that headline on MSN suckered me in. Sounds a little more romantic than any of the other traditional advice for making it in this tough world. You mean a bubble bath NOT 16 hour days is the ticket? Time for meditation instead of millions of emails? huh. What’s this really about?

So I read the article – turns out that in our quest for self-esteem a lot of us over look self-compassion which ” may be the most important life skill, imparting resilience, courage, energy and creativity.”  If taken seriously, practising and cultivating self-compassion can reduce stress levels, give us a more realistic sense of ourselves, and give rise to individuals who are more resilient in the face of every day and not so every day challenges.

Check it out! And let us know what you think.


One thought on “Want to be successful? Be kind to yourself.

  1. If we thought about it, the importance of self-care should be a no-brainer. But it’s so easy to put the needs of everything and everyone else first. I do it too. To be honest, part of me feels guilty when I carve out “me time.” Not sure why.

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