4 out of 5 starz

Okay, I know there are a few grammar fiends among this blog’s audience. But did you know that your slavish love of proper punctuation, spelling, and well placed parts of speech is not just a matter of taste? That all these things that you hold so dear actually shape how people feel about products and services, and weigh heavily in how people perceive on-line reviews.

An article on Slate says that “well-written reviews help sell products, even when the write-ups are negative.” Yes. Read that again. Even if the reviews are negative, good grammar, style, and punctuation sells.

This, then, begs some serious questions about ethics. Some companies are editing user reviews – fixing all those troublesome lower case letters and other crimes against proper English. Does this amount to smart business? Psychological manipulation? Is it fair game? Or time to yelp about these tactics?

what do u think???


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