30 Second MBA

I like this concept (and frankly, I wish there was a 30 second PhD, because I sure could use one of those right now).

Check them all out at 30secondMBA.com . . . to get you started here is Vivian Schiller (President, CEO of NPR) on generating ideas.


Unwired, offline, and in the dark.

Sounds pretty good some (most?) days doesn’t it? Or maybe not. Regardless, there are humankind who can speak to a totally pre-industrial, pre-digital life . . . but let’s not be so rude to impose ourselves on them with these questions.

Check out the photo montage found at Wired on an uncontacted tribe in Brazil and reflect on what these people mean for us – close your eyes and think about what communication rights means for them . . . the right to silence? isolation? non-communication? with respect to the rest of the world. The right to have their story told? or not told?

Thought Provoking!

Ali & I hit up the McLuhan Walking Tour on Saturday and I think we both loved it! One of my favourite moments was along Charles Street, just before Yonge, when the narrator summarized the thrust of McLuhan’s work: “The basic question that McLuhan wants you to ask yourself is, “What haven’t you noticed lately?”

So, what haven’t you noticed lately?




Henry Kissinger: Impunity is the name of the game

The ever-hip, ever-droll Philip Lee (of Deputy Director of Programs, WACC Global fame) keeps one of the most eclectic blogs the WWW has to offer.  If you’re interested in triptychs, Mark Twain, and Finnish nationalism then Quintessential Ruminations is for you!

Check out Philip’s latest offerings on an impossibly murky character: Henry Kissinger. Here Lee weighs in on Kissinger’s upcoming participation in the Toronto-based Munk Debates and Kissinger’s long relationship with some of the more historic war crimes of the 20th century. Read up, good WACCers!

“Internet traffic will quadruple by 2015”

Yup. Quadruple. And no it’s not because we’re all going to figure out how to operate 3 or more IP absorbing devices at once. It’ll be because the so-called Global South is about to thrust itself online, and change everyone’s digital life while they’re at it. This neat article on Fast Company  describes how we’ll soon be talking about zettabytes of data consumption, from a majority wireless world (right now more of us are plugged in than not), and all this coming from geographic regions where infrastructure deficits might just bottleneck the whole thing . . .

To paraphrase the closing remarks, what’s all this data going to do to worlds that haven’t had any? You gotta weigh in on this one.

Get your slang on!

I love slang! Love it. I love how it’s organic, colloquial, a secret code, boundary marking, and so fluid. I speak and write with a remarkable amount of slang. Today at work I jokingly accused a colleague who missed a meeting of “jigging” and received nothing but blank stares – jigging being ‘playing hooky’ or ‘skipping’ or, in the Queen’s English ‘an act of truancy’. And a few summers ago I was at home (Acadian Pennisula, New Brunswick) and knew I was in my primal place of origin when I heard a local liquor store clerk use a bastardized version of the French word for pity that is roughly pronounced “pee-chay”.  It had such a remarkable effect on me, it drew me in and pummeled me with nostalgia for my childhood and my life as an Anglo high school student in the most French part of Canada outside of Quebec.

What slang do you use? What’s some slang from your hometown that no one else understands? Do share! I’d love to hear more about it!