McLuhan Walking Tour

Wait! Before you run out the door to go do this bit of awesomeness let me at least give you the link. Hosted by the ever sublime Nora Young of CBC’s Spark* this is a terrific bit of Torontonia, Canadiana, and Communicationsa.  The short loop starts and ends right in Toronto’s midtown and hits all the formative hot spots of Marshal McLuhan’s career. Being a tech programme and all, the good folks at Spark have all the .mp3s, maps, backstory, and digital images non-locals need to slip right into the adventure.

And if you’re inclined to drop a comment on this post, how about telling us what kind of walking tour you would love to go on? Or have already been on?

*NB: If you read this blog with any degree of interest you’ll adore Ms Young and her intelligent, eclectic all things tech radio programme. Go now to and soak it in!


One thought on “McLuhan Walking Tour

  1. A very long time ago NABS-WACC met in Toronto at the Guild of All Arts Inn and Marshall McLuhan was a luncheon speaker.

    Getting back to walking, we loved to walk out along the Scarborough Bluffs there.

    George Conklin

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