Get your slang on!

I love slang! Love it. I love how it’s organic, colloquial, a secret code, boundary marking, and so fluid. I speak and write with a remarkable amount of slang. Today at work I jokingly accused a colleague who missed a meeting of “jigging” and received nothing but blank stares – jigging being ‘playing hooky’ or ‘skipping’ or, in the Queen’s English ‘an act of truancy’. And a few summers ago I was at home (Acadian Pennisula, New Brunswick) and knew I was in my primal place of origin when I heard a local liquor store clerk use a bastardized version of the French word for pity that is roughly pronounced “pee-chay”.  It had such a remarkable effect on me, it drew me in and pummeled me with nostalgia for my childhood and my life as an Anglo high school student in the most French part of Canada outside of Quebec.

What slang do you use? What’s some slang from your hometown that no one else understands? Do share! I’d love to hear more about it!


One thought on “Get your slang on!

  1. I can think with fondness of a lot of slang from where I grew up on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. My use of the word “frig” comes from there. Other slang I recognize when I find myself back in the province includes the expression “What a sin” for “What a shame” and “some” as an adjective, as in “That dinner was some fine.”

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