Thought Provoking!

Ali & I hit up the McLuhan Walking Tour on Saturday and I think we both loved it! One of my favourite moments was along Charles Street, just before Yonge, when the narrator summarized the thrust of McLuhan’s work: “The basic question that McLuhan wants you to ask yourself is, “What haven’t you noticed lately?”

So, what haven’t you noticed lately?





2 thoughts on “Thought Provoking!

  1. This sounds great. Love that you can download it so you can do it on your time. I’ve always admired those, like McLuhan, who can see bigger systemic patterns in everyday developments.

  2. I’m probably still not noticing those things that McLuhan would pick up on in my own life, but I think it’s worth noting that part of his brilliance was not just noticing the present but describing it in a dramatic way. The man knew how to wield aphorisms and hyberbole like nobody’s business.

    This is one of the things I learned from that great walking tour. Thanks for suggesting it, Erin!

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