Make your Mark

Let me tell you about Mark. Mark is self-employed and hasn’t looked for work in 10 years. It just comes to him. He doesn’t have a website and uses a lone Gmail address for everything. His cell phone is all beat to crap and if it wasn’t it’d make an excellent prop in a 1990s retro movie. How does he do it? He returns calls, reworks million dollar budgets for the sake of a $.63 error, picks up on little details his customers have missed, you only ever have to ask him to do something once, and he finishes work on or ahead of schedule. He also has good manners and is polite. That’s it. That is his marketing strategy, his communications plan, his Yellow Pages and Google Ads.

His friend and colleague, Julian, is an electrician and said, “All you have to do to be successful in this business is return a phone call.”

So let’s take things down a few notches today and do something to celebrate this kind of low-tech ethos. Call someone, write a thank-you card with a real pen, get a bit of work done ahead of time, notice something around the office that a colleague could use a hand with, or something else easy breezy that will make your professional life just a little more professional.


The Underbelly of Social Media –

Have you ever seen anything icky being planned on Facebook? Or some Tweets that make you super uncomfortable? What would you do if you did? According to this article on the BBC, Blackberry’s instant messenger, BBM, was instrumental in organizing some aspects of the wild riots in the UK.  Man, I don’t know what I’d do if something like that ended up in the palm of my hands.

WACC Condemns Violence as Non-communication

“WACC’s General Secretary, Karin Achtelstetter, has sent a letter of condolence to WACC members in Norway. In it she said, “As the days pass and the real and full horror of what happened becomes clearer, WACC members around the world as well as WACC staff will continue to have you and the Norwegian people in their thoughts and prayers.”

The letter emphasized that WACC stands for communication that builds understanding, greater awareness of other people and their beliefs, sensitivity to other cultures and, above all, tolerance for alternatives opinions and worldviews. The bombing and killings witnessed in Oslo are forms of non-communication, an expression not just of intolerance and hatred, but an extreme inability to communicate.” Read the rest of the article here.

Let me count the ways . . .

How much do I love Vimeo?  If you haven’t delved, now’s the time. Why not spend a few hours nosing around this arty, video sharing community? Here’s a starter kit for ya:

Float with jellyfish against the backdrop of Radiohead and Palau or cheer a cheeky animated octopus to freedom or have your breath taken away by an aquarium big enough to house a whale shark or soak up some ethereal time lapse of Spain’s El Teide mountain or take in a catchy 2.5 minute history of title design.

Once you get a taste of Vimeo, you’ll wonder how you ever spent so much time on YouTube. (Okay, you can still have YouTube for the cat videos).