Book learnin’

Ah, Summertime! What’s more summery than beach books, cottage books, books with “O” stickers, or reprints of classics that you’ve felt guilty for not making time to read in 40 some-odd years of literacy.

Do you, loyal blog readers, actually get to more pulp and paper reading in the summer? Or are we all on e-readers by now? Or, worse yet, are we all on a steady diet of Twitter feeds and blogs?

Here’s a neat story from FastCompany about a bookseller with a heart. In light of Amazon’s extraordinarily poor and profit-distorted judgement (e.g., the online retailer in the past has sold books on what amounts to pedophilia how-to guides as well as video game called “Rape Lay”)* Better World Books seems like a far more ethically palatable option for finding all the books on your summer reading list. It’s a friendlier, socially conscious, environmentally aware online retailer that believes in giving back, funding literacy programmes, and that used books are just as worthy of love as the fresh of the press kind. BWB is now giving away one book every time you buy one. Check ’em out!

*Read more about some of Amazon’s more controversial selections here and here.


2 thoughts on “Book learnin’

  1. i read a lot of books all year, not just in the summer. I love libraries. If I had an iPad I would read books on it too. I enjoy non-fiction, not really into fiction.

  2. Wow! I’m so glad to hear about Better World Books. Great concept. I will donate my used books to them next time. I do read more in the summer and do a special trip to the library before holidays. I read paper books and also have a Kobo e-reader on my iPad which I also love (especially because its backlight lets me read in bed at night easily).

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