Fake Internet Friendship

For a kid who was born right around the same time as the PC, I have a pretty tenuous relationship with technology. Can’t figure out if I love it or want to run off to a pre-Industrial commune and knit and farm beets for the rest of my life. Either way, I’m kinda obsessed.

Right now I’m wondering how you folks relate to your online selves.  I’m pretty stingy with adding people on Facebook, though I’ve loosened up recently and nudged myself over the 100 ‘friends’ mark.  And I was so loathe to join LinkedIn, but then I figured it was a good way to deflect work-only people from my Facebook profile. I still can’t bring myself to fill in my profile there or on Google + . . . sigh. I just don’t want the stranger masses knowing that much about me. That’s probably a pretty vain thing to even thing – that strangers could care at all what TV shows I watch.

I think because I’ve been so judicious in cultivating my online persona, I’m a little more precious about it than most.

In any case, I’d really welcome some comments on your un/friending policies, your privacy settings, how freely you share, what you share, and so forth. Beet cultivating advice also welcome.


One thought on “Fake Internet Friendship

  1. I am very liberal when adding friends to my Facebook account…. if someone requests to be a friend, I add them! I figure, “the more the merrier.” After all, being a Christian is all about relationships, so I try to cultivate relationships at every turn.

    As for beet cultivating advice… since I don’t like beets, just pull them out of the ground and throw them away.

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