Is Google+ a ghost town?

Huh. I would love some real insight into Google’s social media woes. Wave. Buzz. What? Of course Google+ had a leg up on its competition (Facebook and Twitter, mainly) in that it arrived on the social networking scene five to ten years into the history of the Web 2.0 world, supported by the global juggernaut of the Internet. Whereas Facebook and Twitter had a more grassroots development history. So it’s not surprising that Google+ leapt to 20 million users at a pace that obliterated Facebook and Twitter. An article popped up a few days ago noting that 48% of Google+ users have never made a public post. Does this spell impending doom for Google’s latest foray into social networking? Does this mean that I really don’t have to worry about the exhausting maintenance of another online profile? Read the article and think it through for yourself . . . and be sure to read the comments that follow. Enlightening!

But then there’s the global story, too. Orkut. Yup. Orkut. That’s a Google product. And it’s one that absolutely devours competition in huge, emerging tech markets like Brazil and India. Can anyone really say where social networking is headed?


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